Ensuring Access to Justice for all Children:

towards non-discriminatory and inclusive child justice systems.


The World Congress on Justice With Children is an international milestone that gathers children alongside policymakers, legal practitioners, academics, and civil society representatives with relevant work experience to influence Child Justice, explore best practices, foster scientific cooperation, and raise awareness on child-friendly justice.

Over one week from 15th to 20th of November, we aim to place children’s rights and child justice at the top of the international agenda to promote fair and appropriate justice systems for and with children.

Expected outputs:


  • Define a global strategy to accelerate progress towards child-friendly justice with and for children until the next congress.
  • Foster regional synergies and action plans for the next three years to provide regional roadmaps for implementing the global strategy.
  • Collect national pledges to reinforce policies and practices that make real differences in the lives of children in contact with the law.
  • Generate a path for action after the plenary sessions and workshops based on the discussion and topics raised.


To attend the World Congress on Justice With Children you just need:

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  • Select the session you would like to attend and make your own agenda.
  • Connect to the session: Consult the Programme and click on the title of the session you want to attend!

Agenda of the Week